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I want to invite or refer my friend for GamePlan11. How can I do it?

We encourage players to extend their gratitude for us by inviting more and more people in GamePlan11. Just follow the steps shown below:

  • Go to My Referrals from the main menu in the mobile app
  • Copy the unique code displayed
  • Click Invite friend

You can invite friends using different sources like Facebook, Email, Whatsapp and more. You will earn INR 50/- for each successful referral and your friend will get INR 100/- for each successful referral.

It is important that your friend paste the invite code properly as it is mandatory to link his account with yours during the registration process. We don’t restrict any player to refer anyone friend, you can invite as much people as you want.

I have provided proper invite code, but I have yet not received any bonus!

It is important to provide correct invite code during registration process. If you failed or missed providing invite code, you are not eligible to get any referral bonus. However, if you have provided proper invite code and still not getting any bonus, we request you to provide the invite code details of your friend; we will take necessary action to help you out!