Points & Ranking System

How points are updated in each match?

We try our best to update the points during a match in almost a real-time. However, it might get a little delayed, but we request you to keep calm and wait till the end of a match to check the final points earned. Further, we ensure that the points are provided from the reliable and trustable sources to avoid any glitches in the point calculation.

When the official match ends, the status changes from “In Progress” to “Waiting for review” and during this time, we calculate the final points and update the total and rank of your team. Once our team verifies the points, then only winners and prizes will be declared. This process may take up to 2 hours or more.

A match I participated is going to be decided based on the “Super Over”. How points will be calculated in such situation?

We are not considering any scores or any other achievements of the players during the “Super Over” as such records are not considered in the official cricket leagues as well. Therefore, there will be no impact on the points earned by you!

What if a player is unavailable for selection even though he is in the official team?

We always partner with the industry experts and reliable 3rd party service providers to provide us the nearly accurate and precise official team details before the actual match start. If you feel the player you wish to include in your playing 11 is not available in the list of players of GamePlan11, you can get in touch with us with the details of a player and our team will validate the authenticity of the information immediately.

Note: Please note that we can add any new player before two hours of actual match start time. It is not possible to add any new player within 2 hours of the actual match start time.

Even after I have created a team before deadline, I am not getting any points.

Rest assure, we will be rewarding points only after deadline! You can keep your eyes on the points; it will start updating any time after deadline ends.

Is there any way I can cross-check or validate the points credited in my GamePlan11 account?

Of course, you can! You will always get an option to cross-check the points earned by clicking on the “Scorecard” link on the contests page. If you wish to validate the points with the GamePlan11 point system, you can always refer it in “How to Play” section!

May I know the source you refer to update the points during match?

We always rely on the trusted 3rd party resources to get the live feeds during a match. However, we ensure to validate the scores with other scorecards and other feeds to double check we provide only accurate results.

What if any contest or match is delayed because of any unpredictable reasons?

In such cases, we will keep adding 15 minutes delay until the official match start time is finalized. Once new time is announced for the match, it will be considered as new deadline for our match. It is important to make a note that we will close the entry or any changes in the contest as soon as the actual match starts.

What happens if there are any changes in the starting lineup?

In case there are any changes in the starting lineup in any match, there will be no impact on the game! It will be continued as it is and it is as per the FairPlay policy defined in GamePlan11.

It is raining heavy and unfortunately match is delayed. Now what will happen with the contest I have participated?

We will wait from the officials to get the new match start time. Until we receive any confirmation of the start time, we will keep extending the time by 15 minutes. Once the official match start time is declared, the deadline of the respective match start time will be extended.

In case the match is cancelled due to rain, we will cancel the contest and will initiate refund of the entry fees of the participants.

The match started earlier than deadline defined by GamePlan11.

In this case, if an official match started before 10 minutes, the contest will continue as per the schedule. In such scenario, the deadline of a match will be considered as 3 overs or 10 minutes after the start of official match.

If an official match is started more than 10 minutes before the deadline of GamePlan11 contest, we will cancel the contest and will initiate refund to the participants.

What if one or more participants are having same points in the contest?

Well, it is possible that during any contest more than one participant managed to score equally and qualify for the prize. In such scenario, the prize is divided equally among the winners. In case the participants are having same team, we will initiate refund to all such members. If you feel the opponent is having team similar to yours, please drop us your details within a defined timeline in order to claim refund.

I participated in T20/ODI match, but it is not played or cancelled.

In case a match is officially abandoned, we will refund the entry fee to the respective participants. In case a match was not played, but result announced as per the official guidelines, we will declare the result of a match as per the scorecard points accumulated. However, if there are any super overs played or bowl out occur or in case of toss, results announced between teams, or any other standard cricket rules applied, we will not consider any points or benefits for the participants.

I have participated in Test Match, but it is drawn. What will happen now?

In case a test match is drawn where none of the teams have completed single innings, we will consider the contest as cancelled and will initiate refund within specific time duration. However, if a match is declared drawn by any of the teams playing it, we will consider the test match as completed and there will be no refund initiated in such scenario.