My Transactions

I want to add balance in my account. How can I do it?

It is very easy with GamePlan11! Just follow below steps:

  • Go to My Balance from the Main Menu
  • Click on Add Cash
  • Select any denomination and click Add Cash
  • Select payment mode, i.e. Cars, UPI, Net Banking or Wallet (PhonePe, Airtell Money, Reliance Jio Money, OLA Money or MobiKwik

Upon successful payment, your account balance will be updated with the denomination amount selected.

I am using Visa Card. Is it possible to make payment?

Don’t worry! We are accepting all types of Credit/Debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express. If you don’t find your card while making payment, just get in touch with us to know more.

Is it really safe to provide my card details?

Rest assure! We are not breaching any security guidelines and never save any card details in GamePlan11 system. We will just redirect to the 3rd party payment gateways where you will be authenticated.

How long it will take to transfer/credit the money in my account after payment?

We usually try to credit the money as soon as payment is received. However, there might be an unexpected delay in the credit of money in your GamePlan11 account because sometimes bank not clear the transaction.

In such scenario, we request to have patience and wait for some time, tentatively an hour. We have to wait until bank confirms about the receipt of your payment. As soon as we receive the success response from the bank, we will credit the balance in your account. Meanwhile, you can rest assure. If you have made any transaction, if it is successful, we will surely credit the money. However, if it is unsuccessful, you will receive the credit in your bank account from the merchant itself.

I want to withdraw the winning amount from my GamePlan11 account. How to do it?

In order to get your winnings credited to your bank account, please refer below steps:

  • Go to My Balance screen from Main Menu
  • Click on Withdraw option under My Balance screen.
  • In case you have not verified your PAN and Banking Details, you will be asked to get it verified first before withdrawing any amount from the GamePlan11 account. You will be asked to provide Bank Name, Branch, Account Holder Name, Account Number and IFSC code of a bank.
  • Once you verify the PAN Card and Banking Details, you can withdraw the money from your GamePlan11 account to your bank account.

Is there any maximum limit specified for the withdrawals?

Yes, we do have certain limitations considering the withdrawals from GamePlan11 account. On daily basis, you can initiate maximum 3 transactions with minimum withdrawal amount of INR 200/- to maximum withdrawal amount of INR 200000/-.

Is it possible to provide different bank account details?

Sorry mate, we are not allowing to use any others bank account to withdraw your winnings. If you don’t have any bank account with your name, we will keep adding the winnings in your GamePlan11 account. You can later add the baking details of yours to withdraw the money.

Why I have to pay taxes for the prize withdrawals?

We obey the taxation laws outlined by the Government of India. As per the Income Tax Act 1961, taxes shall be deducted wherever applicable and paid by GamePlan11. If you have your winnings more than 10,000 INR for a single contest, 31.2% tax will be deducted from it and only remaining amount will be credited to your bank after withdrawal.

We will issue a TDS certificate for all such deductions. Further, winners are liable to pay any additional taxes in case of cash prize money won during a contest. You can refer the taxation expert for more details in this regard.

I want to know the timeline of processing withdrawals.

We usually process all the withdrawal requests on the next day of request raised. However, it depends on the verification of a GamePlan11 account. If you have not verified your account, we cannot process the request until it is verified. Once processed, the payment will be credited in your account within 5 working days.

I am seeing all my withdrawals in a “Cancelled” status. May I know the reason?

The reasons for cancelled withdrawals could be either different name in bank and GamePlan11 account, incorrect account number or IFSC code. If your withdrawals are cancelled, we will credit the amount back to your GamePlan11 account. You can get your baking details re-verified with us and can initiate the withdrawals again in future!