Create/Join a Contest

I want to see the contests I have already joined. How can I do it?

If you wish to check the contests joined before the deadline, you can go to “Upcoming” screen under My Matches tab.

If you wish to check the contests joined after the deadline, you can go to “Live” screen under My Matches tab. After end of match, you can check the contests under “Completed” screen.

Is it possible to join any contests in the middle of the series or match?

We encourage sports lovers to show their skills and therefore, we surely allow you to join any contest in the middle of the series or match. However, it is important that the deadline for a said match is not exceeded. If deadline is crossed, you cannot join the contest.

Can I invite my friends to join the contest in which I am participating?

Surely, you can do it with the help of our Private Contests! You can invite your friends via email or share the unique code available under “Refer Your Friends” option. If you are participating in any Public Contest, you can share the contest with your friend and invite them to play with you.

I want to know the number of winners or prize details for the contest.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to know the details:

  • Go to “Upcoming” screen under My Matches tab.
  • Tap on the contest you have joined
  • You can view teams who have participated in the contests, number of winners, and prize pool
  • Tap on the Winners to see the Winning Breakup

How to win a cash contest?

In GamePlan11, we decide your position in the game based on the points earned by the player selected in your team. If the player selected played and you rank the top, you will be eligible to get cash prize that has been decided for a specific match. We will credit the winning amount in your GamePlan11 account at the end of the contest.

I want to understand more about the contest.

In GamePlan11, we display specific information related to the contest. Please refer below mentioned details to understand about any contest:

  • C icon - It's a confirmed contest and will continue even if not filled completely
  • M icon - It's a multi-entry contest in which you can join using all 6 teams. Each team will have to pay the entry fee to join this contest.
  • Entry Fee - the amount that is required to join the contest
  • Prize Pool - This is the total winning amount which will be given to each rank accordingly. Click on the contest to check the 'Prize Pool Breakup'. Scroll to the right to see prize amount for each rank
  • XXX spots - Number of total members that can join the contest
  • XXX spots left - Number of spots available to fill the contest

What do you mean by Practice Contest? How it is different than Cash Contest?

Well, we want to encourage players to play confidently and thus, we give an opportunity to the individuals to sharpen their skills before investing their worth in any contest. Such contests are called “Practice Contests” where you don’t have to pay any entry fee. Once you feel confident about the fantasy sport format and ready for the actual battle, you can move on and take part in the Cash Contests.

In Cash Contests, all the players are supposed to pay an entry fee and compete with the other players to win the actual money. You can click on any of the available contests to know more!

What do you mean by Public and Private Contests?

Any contest that is open for all the players across the GamePlan11 portal, irrespective any restrictions, is called a Public Contest. On the other hand, if you want to let your friends and family to play with you, you can go for the Private Contest. In Private Contest, you can invite your friends or family members to play with and/or against you in the same contest. You can invite friends by an email or through social media platforms by sharing a unique code. Using the unique code shared by you, your friends can join the contest.

I want to join a Public Contest. Can you help me with it?

Please follow below mentioned steps to join a Public Contest:

  • Go to GamePlan11 app and/or Portal
  • Select the Match you wish to take part into
  • Tap on the Entry Fee in order to join the contest Note: Before joining any contest, it is must that you create your team. If you have not created any team, GamePlan11 will ask to first create a team to participate in any contest.
  • Provide confirmation of joining a contest by clicking on ”Join Contest”

I want to join a Private Contest. Can you help me with it?

Please follow below mentioned steps to join a Private Contest:

  • Go to GamePlan11 app and/or Portal
  • Select the Match you wish to take part into
  • Tap on Create Team, if you have yet not created your own team.
  • Once you create your team, you have to enter the invitation code on the contest page, and click on Join button. We will deduct the entry fee from your GamePlan11 account. In case, you fall short in the account balance part, we will ask to make payment to continue participating in the contest.

Is it possible to win any actual cash in a Practice Contest?

Unfortunately, we are not providing any type of cash prize in the Practice contest as it is designed to help you sharpen your skills. It will help you understand the format of GamePlan11 contest and will put you in a better position when you actually take part in a live/real contest.

What if contests fall short in terms of number of participants?

Well, we have two types of contests in GamePlan11, Confirmed and Non-confirmed. If you have participated in a confirmed contest, you don’t have to worry about number of participants as it will be anyways continued irrespective number of participants. On the other hand, if you have participated in a non-confirmed contest, we will cancel the contests if we do not get enough participants to start with. Don’t worry; we will refund the entry fee provided as soon as we mark the contest as cancelled (typically within 2-3 hours).