How To Play - Cricket

How to select a match?

Please refer below mentioned steps to do so:

  • Login to GamePlan11 portal/mobile app
  • Select any upcoming match from the list of ongoing matches under “All Matches” screen.
  • Create your team for the respective match

How to create a team for any match?

With the help of below mentioned possible blends, you can create your own team comprising best talents that can help you boost up your chances to win the game!

T1 1 5 2 3
T2 1 5 1 4
T3 1 4 1 5
T4 1 4 2 4
T5 1 4 3 3
T6 1 3 2 5
T7 1 3 3 4
  • Now you have to select the players based on the categories mentioned above in the table.
  • In case you want to know more about any player, you can get information by clicking on ‘I” tab against each player profile.
  • You can further filter the players based on their performance, teams and credits available.

Note: Ensure you keep a note of players you adding, available credits and timeline for the final team submission.

How to select Captain and Vice Captain for my playing 11?

Once you are done with the team selection, the next thing you have to do is to finalize who will be playing role of captain and vice-captain. You can earn extra points, i.e. 2x points for the Captain & 1.5x points for the Vice-Captain based on their on-field performance during a match/game.

Is it possible to create multiple teams?

Yes, you can! You can increase chances to win games by creating multiple teams and join contests. You can

  • login in the GamePlan11 portal/mobile app
  • Select match in which you have participated by creating a team
  • Select My Team
  • Tap on Create Team option to create another team

Note: You can create maximum 6 different teams against a single match.

How points are calculated during match?

Please refer our “How to Play” section for details.