Get Started With GamePlan11

Why I am charged an entry fee or deposit before getting into any contest?

GamePlan11 always thrives to bring the best user experience and thus, we charge a minimal amount in order to help our team keep the platform up to date and provide amazing user experience. Further, we utilize the charges collected from you to reward the winners with cash prizes. So, in a way, it will be rewarded to you back, if you win any contest.

My selected player is not playing in the game. Would it be possible to get any points?

Sorry! If any player, selected by you, is not playing in the official match due to any reason, you will not be able to earn any points. Therefore, we urge to pay more attention and use your best skills to select the right player in order to lead the scorecard/leader-board.

I want to access GamePlan11. Can you help me with it?

We are easily accessible from anywhere! There are two different ways, i.e. using the desktop/laptop devices and mobile devices. If you are using a desktop/laptop, hit the from the browser. In case you are using a mobile device, i.e. iOS or Android, you can download our mobile app from the App Store or Play Store.

I don’t know how to proceed towards sign-up process. How do I sign-up?

It is very simple! Once you land on the gameplan11 website or download the mobile app, just follow below steps:

  • Select your choice of fantasy sport
  • Get yourself registered by either providing some basic details or using your Google and/or Facebook account
  • Login to the portal by providing a valid email address
  • Set up a strong password

Note: In case you register using Facebook/Google account, we will be verifying the details by asking you login again from your Facebook/Google account for the security purpose.

Once you sign-up, you can simply refer the “How To Play” section to know how you can participate in different Public and/or Private contests on GamePlan11 portal and/or mobile app.