“No Game Exist Without Respect And We Help Players, Fans & Everyone To Play With Dignity…”

“Trustworthiness”, “Transparency”, and “Equality” – These are the core pillars that have led tremendous success of GamePlan11 in short span after its launch. We ensure to follow the ethical business practices in order to help our squad of sports enthusiasts to leverage from a Fair Play. We believe in creating a secure yet transparent atmosphere for our team as well as for our game lovers by following industry best practices to maintain the fairness towards our users by following the measures like:
Get To Know About the Teams/Competitors
Be it a contest, an event, or a battle between die-hard fans, you can get details of who all are playing and with whom you are going to fight anytime, any moment. All you have to do is to visit the Downloads section, select a specific event/contest and you will get details of all the players/competitors right in front of you!
Leverage from the “Equality” Quotient!
No matter who you are and what your balance is, GamePlan11 brings all the players under a roof where everyone gets a fair chance to participate with a common virtual budget limit of all. If you have 100 bucks or 1000 bucks or 10000 bucks, you will have to adhere to the budget limits defined by us and follow the rules to give equal opportunity to rest of the participants.
Abide by Contest Timelines
You are performing excellent and you want to leave strong footprints on contests organized by GamePlan11, but not at the cost of violation of deadlines decided for any contest. You can make all the combinations and possible changes before the official start time of any sport. But you are not allowed to make any amendments after the deadline is crossed.
Winning Games is no SECRET for us!
We want the rest of the world to see you winning sports of your choice and it is an honor for us to get fame! While taking fantasy sports to the next level, we want to keep our winning policies and process a little transparent to our audience to help us gain their faith in us.
Ensuring Authenticated & Genuine Users
Having genuine and authentic participants is the core requirement of GamePlan11 to ensure we bring fair gameplay for every individual putting trust in us. With the streamlined terms and conditions, we ensure to validate the authenticity of any individual playing or winning a game, by verifying legal ID proofs and banking details.
Verified & 100% Secure Payment Transactions
GamePlan11 utilizes best-in-class payment transfer modes for our participants in order to keep secure financial transactions. We never intend or wish to keep any transaction or payment mode details in our system to let the participants rest secure for any online frauds. Further, we never promote or allow any kind of cash transactions on GamePlan11 portal and/or mobile app.
Information Confidentiality
GamePlan11 considers confidentiality of the information shared as a top most priority and thus, we ensure to follow the industry best practices to keep the critical information, i.e. PAN Card and banking details, intact from any other 3rd Party vendors or our affiliates.