I want to create multiple accounts with GamePlan11. Is it possible?

Strictly, not possible! We encourage fair play policy among the GamePlan11 users and therefore, we restrict individuals to create only one account with a single email address on GamePlan11.

Is it possible to have different deadlines for different users?

Yes, it is same for all! We initiate and manage the deadline of any game based on the official start time of the match. There are not amendments allowed in the teams post deadline.

I want to know details of all the teams participating in any contest against me. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Just go to My Matches -> click on View Teams link to download the PDF containing details of all the teams. Using this feature, you can keep your eyes on any changes made in teams by downloading the updated file.

What measures are considered for declaring the winner?

  • The scoring methods are detailed well-enough in the portal to help you understand the process.
  • We have defined applicable prizes or bonus in well-advance and available in public to view.
  • Winnings are divided (in the event of multiple winners) or paid on the go.
  • Referring different official 3rd party sources to get the most accurate details on the official match to credit the points
  • Unbiased review policy

I am an employee of GamePlan11. Can I participate?

Sorry mate! We strictly not allow any of our employees to take part in any contests or games organized by GamePlan11. We will appreciate if you help us achieve better results!