Create/Manage Team

I have already created my team, but I am facing issues while editing the team. Can you help me out?

Most of the times, you may face issues while editing the team because of poor internet connection or connectivity issues. It is important that you are having stable internet connection and are in a good network coverage.

If you think, the connection is not an issue. You can just drop your concern to us (with the screenshot of the issue) and we will surely get it done for you.

Is it possible to make any amendments in my team even after the match begins?

We urge you to please review the deadlines defined against each match. If the deadline is not crossed, you can make the changes the way you want, but if deadline is crossed you cannot make any changes in your team.

Is it possible to make any changes in the team for the future matches?

Of course, you are entitled to create your own team for every match in GamePlan11.

Why I am asked to choose Captain/Vice Captain in my team?

In GamePlan11, we wish to increase the chances of your winnings. Each captain and vice captain you define will help you earn 2x points and 1.5x points respectively for their performance in your team during match. So, it will increase your chances to lead the scoreboard and win maximum prizes!

Is it possible to delete a team?

Well, as of now we do not have such option available in GamePlan11. If you feel you made a mistake in the player selection or team formation, we always provide an option to edit the team before the official start time of a match or you always get an option to create a new team!